Akuma Shei


At the start of June, we were notified that we had won an award for our project for ICT 290 – Games Design and Programming. We were competing against other students enrolled to produce a game.

It honestly was a lot more than the intro sentence, we were given a broken and buggy engine (intentionally by our teacher) and it was our job to fix it and then make our own game inside of it. We were only allowed to use libraries that we were already given which meant a lot had to be built from scratch. After doing some digging our group decided we would black box the game and build our own engine from scratch. The reason we went down this route was that Shays-World (engine/game) was just too verbose and spaghetti coded. The main.cpp file was over 60,000 lines of code long!

After we completed black boxing we built our own game that could run in parallel to Shays World. I could continue on discussing this project but it may be worth going back and reading my previous blog post.

Long story short, our group poured a lot of effort in and our hard work was rewarded. I hope this won’t be my last award as the sense of accomplishment is addicting!